One Drop Project Question


Hey guys, hoping you can help me out here (once again).

How much should I pay for:

MIB Project:




Anniversary (white/soda blasted):

non - MIB Project:




Anniversary (white/soda blasted):

Also, how does this yoyo stack up to other ones? I was going to buy a chief but I can’t find anyone that’s selling a space blizzard or flat silver one and decided this was the runner up on my list of wants.

Thanks for your help!


The project is pretty outdated compared to current throws

The jade, sunset, and pink normally range between $60-$100 depending on the seller. I’d expect to pay more for the jade and sunset because they’re fades and those are getting harder to find. The anniversary is the most common and I’d price still around the $60 range.

As for non mib I’ve seen most non mint projects range from $40-$60 and it just depends on the level of damage and the colorway



Yeah I started reading some reviews and I’m finding it tilts easily. I’d rather not have another yuuksta so I guess I’ll just wait :stuck_out_tongue:


We are still proud of the Project but it definitely reflects the time it was designed (2007). I’d recommend trying one of our newer yoyos. The Chik! is really good.


it is a beautiful yoyo, any chance you guys will make a non-undersized version of it?

(I’m thinking about one of the codes actually) (:


The Code 1 is one of my favorite yoyos of all time. It’s really a genius throw. The shape allows for max rim weight, which equates to long spin times. Plus, the yoyo plays at whatever pace you want- Fast or slow, and you can use side effects to change this. This is what I tell a lot of people: Don’t think of the Code 2 as a better update, or a sequel. The only real similarity is the fact that they are community designed. The Code 1 is still a great, modern throw that can handle almost anything you can throw at it.


dang and I was just about to settle on the code 2 (I saw someone that put anti-yo SE on it). Would you say it stacks up against a clyw chief?


Funny enough, recently, my two most played throws have been the Chief and the Code 1, and I must say, the Code 1 plays just as well if not better than the Chief.

Compared to the Chief:

Naturally, the Code 1 feels lighter and faster, grinds are a breeze due to the grooves, and the shape… It’s so good! The shape is definitely a change from the Chief, but this shape allows mega amounts of rim weight, which is awesome. Also, the catch zone is giant, so landing tricks is easy.

The Code 1 also feels more floaty with stock SE’s, and you won’t be disappointed if you get one. It also has an IGR, which is lacking in the Chief (I know it’s not a big deal), and, with my limited knowledge of horizontal, the Code 1 seems to handle it better.

The rest of this may seem trivial to most but: I like flow groove pads more than white Snow Tires, but aqua are a lot better. The Code 1 is very quiet with the 10 ball that it comes with. You can’t tell it’s on the string half the time.

For any more info, just ask! You can’t go wrong with the Code 1 or Code 2, but let me say; the Code 1 is a great throw! :slight_smile:


Wow thanks for all the information! My only problem is that I’m hung up on the look of the chief. The Code 1 sounds great but I just can’t get over the fact that I love the shape of the chief. Blah, after buying my next yoyo I probably won’t get another one for a year or two so I need to make sure its the right one.


Just to get this clear, do you already own a Chief and like the Code 2 because of the similar shape, or are you looking to buy a Chief, and can’t decide between the Chief and Code 1?


Oh sorry I’m trying to decide on a new throw. I’ve been looking at the chief for quite a while but noone’s selling the colorway I want so I’m looking at other throws (:


My money is on the Chik. It is large, stable, and plays brilliantly. At $88 it is an absolute steal for a premium metal with Side Effects, plus it has the projection grooves seen in One Drop like the Project, CODE2, etc.