One Drop Milled Yoyos

(Mitchell Green) #1

So I know that the Project 1 was definitely milled as opposed to turned on a lathe, but I am curious to know what other One Drops were milled, what the first turned One Drop was, and if a mill is still used at the machine shop?

(Victorian YoYos) #2

I do believe the project was the first and only model. The anniversary project was as well, but really it’s the same yo-yo


An excellent question for @The_Machinist!

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The Project, The original MarkMont Project, and the engraving and nut-capture on the Project2 were done on the mill.


@The_Machinist anniversary project too?

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Yes, since it is EXACTLY the same as the original Project, I didn’t count it separately.


@The_Machinist just making sure :sweat_smile:

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Probably easier not to redesign it, esp. for accuracy’s sake. Although the milling does create heaps of ever-so-slight grooves all over the yoyo’s flat surfaces, like the outer rims. A beautiful quirk if you ask me.