One Drop CLYW Question


Is there a location that lists all (or quite a few) of the One Drop Summit colorways?



Might not be 100% complete, but should be pretty close.

Seven Summits


Sweet!  Next question.  What is the teal/green/red colorway named here:

It is the yoyo on the left.


It’s a signature color for billybobs called Crime Scene.


I love billybobs.


Sweet. I ended up with one of these at nationals.

Next Question:

It seems like the selection of Summits is getting pretty slim. Does anyone know if additional colorways will arrive soon? Or is the Summit being faded out?


Pretty sure the Summit is officially retired.


Correct. They are officially retired. Get them while you can.


I love how a YYE admin mentioned billybobs


My favorite animal is the stingray, so that Snowpocalypse Summit really appealed to me. They look like dozens of little stingrays in the water!