One Drop Cascade Vilmos Zoltan Kiss

Ok, I think this is my first yoyo with anon flaws. Love the feel of this yoyo, it was dead smooth, but on like my 5th throw I barley dined it on my hardwood floor, (which I haven’t dined a yoyo in at least 3 months…ugh, doesn’t that figure, new yoyo and you dink it first 4 or 5 throws, and literally just doesn’t spin as dead smooth as it does…grrrrr!!!) Overall even with the anon flaws and the now slight vibe I’m still very happy. Tell me which side you like best, and if those are actually flaws or how it is supposed to look.

Delete please, botched the collage setting, and forgot to make a poll. Woof! Sorry.

That looks nice, but you only have one side and it’s not a poll.