One Drop benchmark 2014 V or H??


Since I like the shape of v and h, which has better playability, and long spin?


shape are differents ,specs are the sames, the three shapes keep a very similar play,chose your favorite shape !


i like the V but, if you want long spin time you should probably go for and h then

(mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh) #4

What are your opinions about the the H shape. Do you think that its a conventional H shape?


I prefer the H personally. Both are good, but I find it comfortable and enjoy the extra spin time.


Yeah, i think H is better choice because of the spin time. i hope the play is quiet similar to V. I love every yoyo with long spin time


H has the longest sleep time, O is the most comfortable, and V is a mix of both with a longer spin time than the O and also a more comfortable shape than the H.