One Drop AITCH and DEEP STATE New Colors!


From One Drop: The H (Aitch) shape yo-yo seems to be under-represented. Even if you look at One Drop history, the H is rare. When we have done it (Benchmark Series) in the past, we kept it only mildly H. We decided that it was time to do a proper H shape.

The main idea of it being “proper H” is that the profile would need to be as extreme as possible without compromising how it played. The diameter is on the large side at 55.88mm. In order to make everything work, it needed to be a touch on the narrow side in relation to the diameter: the width is 39.62mm. We also wanted it to have Side Effects and to ship with a new style which is the Mini Spike. We feel like we achieved the goals and hope you agree.



Anyone looking for a black Aitch? I really want that pink splash = trade + cash

Awesome pictures @YoYoExpertGarrett!!!


Broken Vividly is absolutely Hotness!


Love my Deep State :fire::fire::fire:


I havent played either of these. Any input??

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Nice fit in the hand. Good string vibe, not super responsive, so binds are a little easier. Not as light on the string as the MK1/Spinworty RBC, or Rain City Skills Gamer light. For the $ and for/with every day practice, I’m comfortable with banging up one of my solid color ones. Im also originally from Wa., so the fact that OD is also in the PNW just has me jazzed. Here is my go to Deep State. I bought a Teal and a Black one to make my own 1/2 swap DS


The Aitch is a super fun, poweful, agile, and as close to “pure” H shape as it gets.

The Deep State is one of my absolute fav yoyos, and a beautiful example of a responsive yoyo. Its definitely less responsive than other yoyos that have released lately but its the only yoyo I keep in my pocket every day.

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I only have 1 Aitch…so far🙃