on eBay, 4 hrs left: CLYW Canvas, Puffin 2, ILYY Nile, YYR Attune and more


UPDATE: due to much interest in the Canvas, I added 3 more photos to show the rim condition in full.

Hi, I have these listed on eBay for only 4 more hours, see links below. Please don’t ask me to trade or end early. I only want to sell and just let the auctions run their course. Thanks for checking them out!

Yomega Glide - Star Wars Darth Vader
CLYW Puffin 2 - Ashberry
CLYW Canvas - Clareview Station (from last run!)
6 different One Drop side effects!
Yoyoexpert leather yoyo holder (made by Totalartist)
YYR Stargazer - OG, customized for side effects
ILYY Nile v2 - with metric KK!
YYR Attune - with beautiful custom green anodization


5 more days! :slight_smile:


cuatro días más…


3 more days! additional pics added on the Canvas auction.


1.625 days left !


4 hours left on these!

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