ILYY LIO $100, Vader Mod Transitional FHZ $28 **MINT** **PICS**

Up for sale is my ILYY Liopleurodon. It is 100% MINT! This yoyo is INSANE! I’m offering it for sale at the price of $100 shipped in the US. Snag this thing quick.

I am also selling my Silicone recessed FHZ that has a transitional colorway and was modded by the famous Luke Vader. The silicone job is flawless and the FHZ is tuned very smooth. It is in MINT CONDITION. A great player for sure. I am asking $28 via PayPal shipped to US. PM only. No trades.

Do you still have the Cream?

yes i still have the cream. I’ll PM you.

added pics !