On a Scale of One to Ten, What is Your Favorite Color in the Alphabet?

Mine is rhombus 8)


Purple, because aliens don’t wear hats.

you’re welcome ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

No, because ice cream has no bones

Mine has to be bowling shoes, because my milk duds have all played on the ceiling chairs even though the teeth have never been to France in their best clothes after six in China


whose retarded cheez it hit the ceiling fan, it felt like grandma after green chili. how many dogs does redhook brew with bodad purple pickles? why does my hat look like a roasted llama decorated by putin’s florist.
life’s big questions, answers always given, questions never answered, life goes on in a swirling vortex of bulbous rainbows, while everyone rolls on, not wiping their mouths except on wedding dresses. buy them by the dozen slithering in like an army of chocolate snakes, waiting for a shot at eternal happiness, except they haven’t updated their windows systems.

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BUT if you were teleported to the western Bohemian Islands and a bunch of chocolate covered starfish ate your gmail, you should buy a maniacal mustache.