OMG It's a...

Ever notice how people today are obsessed with certain things, like

  1. That’s a Corvette C6 with something horsepower and Nitrus!


  1. That is the new Pantec duo cell phone with HQ pics and 3G network!

Do you guys ever go:

OMG! That’s a YYF 09 888 with Green Interior Hubstacks and K-Pad Response!

We got a fat rich guy some yards down the hill. I don’t even know his name, we just call him the fat rich guy. Our school bus drive past his house every day and we are like: “hmm, looks like he sold his hummer” or "Wow, rich fat guy got a new cadillac

Lol, :smiley:

I had once that I showed them my offstring and they said:

‘Oh my God thats cool, what else can you do with a rubber and plastic diablo’


,/ (-_-) ,/

yea i know this kid who s obbsesed with the nissan 350Z he has like 20 pictures on his cell phone he stood around once for about 45 mins taking pictures of that car the owner saw him and said “can i leave now please”.