Older Collector's Alert! MORE Late 90's Japanese Items

Hello all and thanks for looking. To preface these items I want to tell a little about myself, how I came into possession of these items and why I’m selling. I was a national and world competitor from 1999-2001 and ALL of these items were acquired from Japanese players at events back then either through trade or sale. Currently, I’m just cleaning house and cannot justify hanging on to these items anymore.

I have MANY more unique items I’ll be listing shortly.

1999 Hyper Yo-Yo Hyper Dragon THP-J (original boxed, but definitely was opened at one time and the packaging is bent and cracked. Right half of the yo-yo has some cracks on the cap unfortunately)
1994 Duncan Hyper Glow Imperial (should be Japanese based on “hyper” name, but packaging is English).
1994 Duncan Hyper Midnight Imperial (should be Japanese based on “hyper” name, but packaging is English).
1999 Hyper Games Summer Tour Yomega Hyper Raider Special Edition
2x 1998 Tomy Screw Ball Mini (both packages have been opened previously, repackaged).
2x Hyper Russell 3-pack Strings
1998 Hyper Yo-yo Glove (never used by me, shows limited wear if any)
1998 Hyper Yo-Yo Shogakukan Limited Edition Lanyard (this is different than other lanyards I see, with someone’s signature printed on the back…but I don’t know whom. But this was never opened)
1998 Hyper Yo-Yo Wallet with chain (never opened)
1997 Hyper Yo-Yo Leather Holster (sealed)
1998 Hyper Yo-Yo Plastic Yo-Yo Holder (with clip onto belt)

Some of these items are basic Japanese items, but many of them are VERY unique and I’ve not seen them in my online searches very often.

Please make an offer on anything you like, or ask me and I can try to think of a price that seems fair. The more bundled together the better I can go on pricing.

I’m located in Seattle, Washington, USA and prefer to ship domestically, but could make exceptions if international buyers are interested. Paypal is required for purchases. I wanted to place these here before going to eBay to see if anyone was interested. Thanks!

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