Old viral video thread

I can’t believe this was made like 8 years ago. Crazy

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I mean it is no Charlie the Unicorn

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A little more obscure, but ten years ago

I knew someone was going to bring this up.

Here’s another: Malk


My daughter says “melk” and I think of this freaking skit every time she asks for it. So good.

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I love how he’s like

Say milkshake


Now say milk


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So basically, this is the “post old-ass viral videos” topic now :wink:

Sure, why not?

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Such a great skit.

Here, I’ll contribute a few (language in both):

and by the same guy:

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Because I am your dad, having an incorrect title on a topic bothers me, dad-style! We should edit the topic so it more accurately describes what’s in here, and what we want to be in here :wink:

(cue cries of awwwwww ddaaaaaadddd)

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Why don’t you just go in there and change yourself, dad! I know you can do that, you’ve done it before! I swear, I have no privacy! Gosh

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Well, it is your topic, and you’re a pretty darn good writer… I thought you might like some choice in the actual words used :wink:

Well, when you put it that way. Thanks Dad, you’ve always believed in me.

Sorry I blew up


Love that. Reminds me of some of the monty python bits.

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