20% cooler


i made this a little while back, and just now realized how proud i am to have made this with what was available to me and the tricks i had made. thanks yomega, and all those who make me “20% cooler”.


/mlp/ anyone?


I really liked that last one!


sure. i’m down. pizza?


tutorial? freely is a trick i made base on some emotions i get sometimes.

(Owen) #6

Rename it “Overused title” :wink:

Nice video bud


… you know… i will… next video. i like that.

(Owen) #8

Link my channel in the description for title credzzzzzzz ::slight_smile:


subscribe first :wink: then we’ll have a deal. :smiley:


BRONY! haha that was awesome

(Owen) #11

consider it done :smiley:


I really like those spin moves you did at the very beginning, great start! Hopefully I’ll be there soon haha! I’m sure you’re better now so ! Great vid buddy!


/] thanks. Anything you liked?


Brony’s unite /) Great video!


Great video! Nice song as well.