Old store -- blast from the past!


Not really a blast from the past for me… I wasn’t around then… but still felt like I was stepping into a time machine when I clicked the “Shop” link in the footer (rather than the header):


I’m not saying it should be updated or removed or anything. Just saying it was pretty fun. :wink:


Nice “easter egg”. Too bad some of those items aren’t in stock. If they were, they probably wouldn’t last long!

(SR) #3

This SHOULD NOT be removed.

(SR) #4

I just added something to my cart… I wonder if you could actually place an order.


I tried adding some Sunset Trajectories. My cart was empty.

I intend to take advantage of some Black Friday madness here if at all possible. Sadly, I don’t see any Sunset Trajectories in my near future.


That’s really cool!


Never mind.