Check this old layout out!

Anybody remember that?? I don’t know if it will load for everybody else, but it has the old layout. Whoa throwback Tuesday?

Looks the same except the banner is different, and it has worse quality.

Freaking sweet. I was definitely turned off by YYE’s old layout that I prefered going to YYN when it was still going strong. Couldn’t stand it…but I still bought my very first products here.

But thankfully John Huber did an amazing job making the new and much better looking site layout.

A true trip down memory lane. :slight_smile:

He also did yoyofactory

I know it’s crazy! I was a true lurker at that time…

Here are some looks at older versions of the site:

October 2008

January 2009

August 2009

The good ole days of just pure HTML pages.
We have thankfully come a very long way.

That wasn’t pure html and neither is this. It has always been html with a php backend and style controlled by css. The only thing that has really changed is the css.


We’ve come so far. Sniff :’(

I never said it was, I was speaking of the era of time, not that particular page.

I appreciate the update though.