Offstring Whips


A few months ago, I learned the over whip and got it pretty consistent, hitting it about 7 out of 10 times. I moved on to the under whip, and can now actually hit almost every single time I do it. The thing is, I can now not hit the over whip at all. I probably haven’t hit it the last 40 times I’ve tried it, but I can still hit the under whip every time. Has this kind of thing happened to anyone else, or does anyone have any tips to get over this?


This happened to me with hidemasa hook and brent stole. Just practice, you’ll eventually get it hopefully. As far as 4a goes I’m a beginner(2 days now) but I can land over and under whips decently. I think if you did an over-whip then an under-whip and just continued alternating that shoul get out all the kinks.


Well, I guess I’ll just keep on practicing. Thanks!