offstring contest

I will be the judge of the offstring yoyo contest


has to be 1 minute or longer

THere is 3 sections

How will you decide if we are noobs, advanced, or master?

P.S. I’ll join, I just don’t know what section to.

you tell me what u are by ur veido

OK, I think I’ll enter advanced. Tell me when you get my video if you think I should be in a different division. Where should I post the video and can I use more than 1 yo-yo?

you can use as many as u want as long as their offstring

Ok I don’t think I can get my video up until next week but I’ll try to get it up soon.

Please say beginner not “noobs”.

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ill take an advanced spot please

I really think you should put more effort into your post. Put up more rules, instructions, and general information. How will it be judged? Will there be a prize?

when there is more information then I will take the master spot

If my camera was working I’d take a Master.

Put more effort into your post, use proper grammer and spelling, and tell us more about it.

Put in some effort, type in correct grammar at least. This is definitely not enough information to make a contest.

ill take an advanced spot please

This topic is locked - when you are ready to post a contest with all legible information feel free to do so.