Official YoYoExpert Forum Contest! - Finished.

Doesn’t work for me?

Same Logan. Same

Just about done with my video, just a little more editing to do :smiley: This is my one of my first times of recording and submitting myself publicly. My video isn’t really “too” professional or captivating when it comes down to quality, it’s my first time making/editing a video :-\

Sorry to ask this but, my video is really close to the 3min mark; is this still acceptable?

He said 3 minutes max is how long it can be. So yeah, you should be okay… And my video isn’t professional either, its probably going to be really cheesy lol but I hope its okay. I’m not very creative. Which sucks. Cause there are a lot of creative people on here who are great with editing. Wish I had their skills.

Yeh that’s fine. Ideally we don’t want them over 3 minutes, but I’m not going to be so pedantic as to disqualify someone for being a second or two over (not that I would wish it to become a habit). Still, as long as their within 3 minutes, that’d be best. :slight_smile:

Just so you’re aware, the 3 minute rule is for the judges convenience. If we receive 20 submissions, then each judge has to watch an entire hour of videos (or more since I’m sure many will view certain videos multiple times), which is a fair amount of their time. I felt that 2 minutes might not be enough for everyone to get what they wanted into a video, so 3 minutes seemed the happy compromise. :slight_smile:

So I’m just trying to make the judges life a bit easier with the time limit.

Well this is the whole point of the contest, the idea that you don’t have to be the best yoyoer or the best editor to win. :slight_smile:

Minor update…(well, major for me):
Video has been delayed as I’m now combating a failing hard drive. Trying to move everything I can before the hard drive goes ka-poot. I still plan on getting this done, it’s just going to be one heck of a ride (and quite a story to share when it comes to the production of this).

While waiting for things to happen on my computer I decided to start recording narrative, using my phone and headphones with inline mic. During my recording, my brother’s baby duck (yes a duck) started letting out some high pitched quacks which completely threw me off…take 2…quack! Ok, maybe time to move to another room :slight_smile:

So yea, this is still going to work, just a little bumpy getting there. You know you’re determined to get this done when the first thing you back up/recover is your yoyo contest video project and assets. Now to continue backing up personal photos and backing up my theme park website I poured a considerable amount of love into :slight_smile:

Finally got some vids clips.

But my cameraman he just don’t like filming me.

And I have 13 to 15 yoyos and I want to include them all in the video.

And I don’t no any stuff about editing also.

And the thing is I have too many ideas to execute I think. Is that a bad thing?

Do you guys think k I should aim for the excellent or just try to make it good.

I am now back on track! Production has continued!

I sent my video in, but it doesn’t show up in my outbox section that Gambit got my message…
Gambit can you make sure you can let me know someway that I know you got my video for the contest. Please and Thank You!

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Great work, not the slightest bit cheesy…unless you did a Cheese Whip Wrist Mount :stuck_out_tongue:

In my opinion, you did well, told your story well. Can’t wait to see everyone elses, I actually just finished mine and will share it shortly as aside from the contest, I want everyone to see my story.

Nice vid man. Your editing skills are better than mine. Lol.

Ok, here’s mine. First off, I want to say that I am extremely thankful I was able to recover this project along with everything on my computer as this has been a really rough week. I didn’t let my failing computer hard drive stop me though, I continued to shoot and even worked on one of my first trick/combos primarily for this contest (you’ll see in video).

Well, enough blabbering, here it is!

I have my clips ready need to edit them up.

But today when I was speaking against camera thoughts came to my mind I’m not doing this right.

So even though I have the clips ready I’ll try one more time and stick to the plan and not think much .

Did you get my video?

Sorry for the delay guys! Busy weekend…

Here are the videos I’ve received thus-far.


Thanks for all the entries so far guys, I’ve really enjoyed every single one of them. Really happy with how this is all turning out. :slight_smile:


Really excited, haven’t gotten anything done yet but I have most of it ready in my head. :slight_smile:

man how much have i missed?.. I’ve only been in New Orleans for a week…

You didn’t miss much. Hope your video is coming along great.

This is such an awesome contest. I’m definitely going to have to make a video. :smiley:

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YOU won the contest even though you didn’t enter, but you didn’t claim your prize within the 30 second window so we had to reopen it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please do! The more the merrier! It’s been very cool to be able to put faces to a few of the names on here, I’m hoping by the end of this we’ll all be a closer community by being able to learn a bit more about each other. ;D