Official League of Legends Thread

League of Legends
I’m making this thread just to put anything League related in here. I know there has to be some of you that play this game.

First off, what is League of Legends? League of Legends is a fast paced real time strategy game where players try to destroy the enemy Nexus. There’s currently two official game modes, and a non official game mode. I’ll get in to that as we go on.

Second off, where do I get League of Legends? You can get it at You can benefit the people who play League of Legends by using their referrel codes as well, I’ll go in depth to that as well!

And finally, how fun is League of Legends? Well it’s pretty much quickly grown to the largest free to play game out there. And I mean, free to play. All of the content other than conveniences and aesthetics can be purchased with the currency you earn by playing the game.

Now it’s time for an in depth explanation. League of Legends uses a f2p model where you unlock their content using an online currency. On top of that, they also offer free content for just liking and subscribing to their Youtube and Facebook pages.

In League of Legends you unlock Champions which change up your gameplay. Picture it like changing scrolls, exocores, and classes all at once. Every game you go through you earn gold by farming creeps, and killing champions. You use this to purchase in game items to complete your goal, the first team to kill their enemy’s Nexus is the winner. There’s also the loser’s way out and you can type /surrender to call in a surrender vote after 20 minutes of hard suffering. Throughout the game though you also capture objectives for buffs, assist your team, and then ultimately get to the fun part of team fighting.

That pretty much sums it up for this post. Yup.

Step 1: Release an OP Champion.
Step 2: Everyone buys the new Champion because he is OP.
Step 3: Nerf him when you do the same with another new champion.
Step 4: Repeat.