League of Legends

Now I know we have some players on this forum, but things have happened.

  • Riot made their own iron carpet, separating me from the dutch people I play with.
  • Riot patched in a region switcher so that I won’t have to download a different client
  • Apparently I have the UFO Corki skin on US (AFK gift from Riot?)

This means that I’m leveling up my lv 7 account on US and would’nt mind playing with some of you. Add Proxymate as a friend in game and play . If you don’t have the game, ask someone on the board for a referral link or if you are feeling selfish just sign up at leagueoflegends.com. Note that the game is split into EUNE, EUW, SEA and NA serverplatforms and if you want to play on all platfroms you will need an account on each. There might be more platforms in Asia, but I do believe it’s only the one platfrom now (I’ve heard rumors that they are working on a Korean platfrom, cannot confirm).

Playing mostly Corki now (because of the skin). Gonna start branching out to other stuff when I unlock it.

For those of you who don’t know what the game is:

LoL is the immensely popular DotA-stlye game. DotA is a custom map in Warcraft 3 that mixes Towerdefense elements with Hero arena elements. The game is free to download and play, but you have to unlock individual heroes (champions) with virtual currency you earn through playing. The game is relatively easy to get into, but there’s a learning curve.

haven’t played in a month or two, but I do play a mean kassadin. :wink:
my best game was like 17-4
my friend’s gone like 33-10 before with him (I dunno how o.O)
but yeah. kass is amazing late game. and he can tower dive like no one else

I’m level 30 with 600 wins.

SwatNugget is my name

also, the UFO corki is a free skin that was given to all players that played during the beta. :smiley:

Poppy, Kayle and Tryndamere says hi!

oh trynd… forgot about him. but still, I’ve phase shifted into their base before, gotten 2 kills, then got out by phase shifting through the wall. I don’t think any hero can top that :stuck_out_tongue:

Actaully, olaf is the best in my opinion. Once you hate late game, he is unstoppable, literally. Cannot be CC’d. I tower dove 3 people when they were at full health with my fully built olaf and killed 3 of them before I died lol.

Added SwatNugget. Anyone playing the game just post yourt nickname and server platform here. Also join the “yoyoexpert.com” chat channel if you feel like it.

First WOW, now LoL. I think game designers do this on purpose

Oh yeah, I won’t be on much for the next two weeks as I will be in Shanghai

I wouldn’t be surprised if they do.

Haven’t played much on the US server lately, been working (mowing official lawns).