Any league players?

So, I’ve been playing league of legends a lot recently. It kind pulls you in like that :P. Wondering if there’s any other players on here.

If so, what role and champs do you like to play?

I main top, and I really enjoy playing J4 top but I’ve been playing a lot of Darius lately.

Cool! I mainly play adc and mid.

Most played are probably

That’s cool! What’s your name on league?

Same as on here, xmotoby

ive thought about league but the community is very very cold to some people… if one of you would be interested in helping a guy out i might play a bit.

My name on league is Timmy Le, and yeah the league community is pretty toxic lol. I’m down to help you out Alecto

I agree, half of the community is sort of made up of jerks. :confused:

But I tend to just mute people I don’t like. Go ahead and add me if you want, I’m on pretty much every night for 1 game or so if you catch me at the right time I’ll play

I play a bunch


I play!


You really need to play this featured game mode before it goes away

And I’m wiibit on LoL also

Sidsicness add me I’m online now!!

I used to play since I also played DOTA (Way better here than in League haha)
I left for a month or so, quit playing just because I don’t hav time for that update that takes like an hour haha

I play. theappe same as here.

Usually play mid with Varus.