Any league players?


So, I’ve been playing league of legends a lot recently. It kind pulls you in like that :P. Wondering if there’s any other players on here.

If so, what role and champs do you like to play?


I main top, and I really enjoy playing J4 top but I’ve been playing a lot of Darius lately.


Cool! I mainly play adc and mid.

Most played are probably


That’s cool! What’s your name on league?


Same as on here, xmotoby

({RTD} alecto) #6

ive thought about league but the community is very very cold to some people… if one of you would be interested in helping a guy out i might play a bit.


My name on league is Timmy Le, and yeah the league community is pretty toxic lol. I’m down to help you out Alecto


I agree, half of the community is sort of made up of jerks. :confused:

But I tend to just mute people I don’t like. Go ahead and add me if you want, I’m on pretty much every night for 1 game or so if you catch me at the right time I’ll play


I play a bunch



I play!



You really need to play this featured game mode before it goes away

And I’m wiibit on LoL also


Sidsicness add me I’m online now!!


I used to play since I also played DOTA (Way better here than in League haha)
I left for a month or so, quit playing just because I don’t hav time for that update that takes like an hour haha


I play. theappe same as here.

Usually play mid with Varus.