Offer up! Need to get rid of these! Reactor, Freehand, xodus (W/Pics)

So, I’d like to get some new throws, so I’m clearing out my case.
For everything but c13:
Anything yyj
Anything Shinwoo
Juggling stuff:
Just offer, plastic is great.

For c13:
General-yo 5-star
Anti-yo Busine$$
Spyy Addiction
yoyofactory Skyline
yyf 44
Offer anything!

So, first up, mint with package C13. Lightly played, tiny vibe, unnoticeable during play. I think these things are out of production.

Next up, a Yomega Xodus. Great beginner for 4a. Comes with package if you want. $16

Now, an interesting throw: Custom yo Reactor. Aluminum, undersized, and a great throw to carry around. Plays unresponsive and responsive. Comes with package. $20

Finally, some modder fodder, a freehand 2. Tried recessing it, not a bad job, but not great. More of a deal sweetener then anything else. $10

As a package, I’d sell all three for $40. Paypal only, please, plus $3-$4 for shipping

a tactic for the c13

he would never do that!! that c13 is mint and your tactic is dead! lol

$75 for the c13

ill give u 90$ for the c13 or ill give u a yuji uk superstar for it

ill give u 90$ for the c13 or ill give u a yuji uk superstar mint

can we get pics of the Reactor guts?