Looking for:
New C3 stuff. Krown, Speedaholic.
good looping pair (except Unleashed)
Preferably loop 1080’s
Magic Yoyo N12
Any and all One Drop
Anything, I seriously mean anything. I would straight up buy anything that’s on my want list as long as the price is right

I apologize in advance for the crappy phone pic. More pics will be taken upon request.

PM me your offers. It’ll go straight to my phone. Lowballs are welcomed. All pm’s will be answered and no one will be left hanging.

Prices not listed mean offer. All offers will be answered. All offers welcomed. I will do package deals if you buy two or more yoyos.

Row 1: (left to right)

Berzerker RX with some cosmetic damage that does NOT affect play, slightly stripped (by previous owner) but plays like if it wasn’t. Super smooth and no vibe. BACK FROM BEING RE-TAPPED!!! SUPER SMOOTH!!! NO VIBE!!!

H5xChief with one scratch (from previous owner) with box, no vibe. $95 shipped (Pending) SOLD TO SNAFU

H5 with one scrape that breaks ano (from previous owner) comes with pouch, no vibe. $80 shipped (Pending) SOLD TO SNAFU

Row2: (left to right)

MINT Token with box $20 shipped (Pending) SOLD TO SNAFU

Mint Capless blue with silver splash Traded to Rosenburg

Mo-Vitation stripped, one tiny pin prick that’s really hard to find and not feelable nor does it break ano. Comes with box. (Damage and stripping from previous owner) BACK FROM BEING RE-TAPPED!!! SUPER SMOOTH!!! NO VIBE!!!

Halo with cosmetic damage that does not affect play (from previous owner), minute plastic vibe that can’t be felt on the string. $35 shipped TRADED TO WALON

Row 3: (left to right)

Gloves NOT for trade or sale.

Darksonic lots of damage, but it’s not beat. Super smooth. Comes with box. $60 shipped TRADED TO WAYLON

Trident with a lot of damage (from previous owner). Fantastic beater with no vibe. Great throw. $40 shipped

Row 4: (left to right)

Destiny beat (from previous owner), some minute vibe that can’t be felt on the string. Comes with fancy dice either translucent orange or translucent green. Great for 5a practice $20 shipped

Pgm, not much to be said. Needs new pads.

Classic with cbc pads and a c bearing. Some scuffs that are only visible under the right angle. Minute plastic vibe.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading!

New stuff!!!

New wants

Prices up

Offer please

Come on yye peeps

I have a goldmine og avalanche and a 7th run brown with pink speckle cheif I’ll trade either for your motivation

Let’s go

Let’s go


let’s get it, let’s go!

Let’s go

Trang Doey