Twice I’ve tried to post in the “how high can we go” thread and it goes to a white page and says “error 502 bad gateway”

how high were you when you tried it? :wink:

…sea level…

No joke it did happen it could just be our desk top… But… It happened… It did,

502s have nothing to do with something like a post count. :wink: The forum software doesn’t go “holy crap, what a FAT thread! I don’t know what to do with it!”… it’s almost completely agnostic to the number of pages. Thread content is stored in a database, and the software has a query that says something like, “based on this user’s preferences, I need 25 entries, starting at entry 475.” Then it grabs the 25 entries and renders them into a webpage.

It is no more difficult for the software to do this than to grab 25 entries from a 1-page thread.

502 is just a bad connection of some sort. It’s either coincidence that it was in the high post count thread when you encountered it, or there’s a tiny TINY chance that the back end (web server) is reporting back the wrong error code. The most likely explanation is that it is in fact a 502.

Yeah I didn’t think it had anything to do with which specific thread it was in just wanted to point out specifics. :slight_smile:

Later in the evening I got some 502s as well. Seemed to pop up under the same circumstances each time for me as well (searching for a particular thread). It actually didn’t “feel” like a true bad gateway. The hosting provider might have a flaky server. :-/ They did perform some sort of upgrades/changes recently.