OD, YYF, YYJ, CLYW, Dif-E-yo


Hi there! Today I have 7 yoyos I’m willing to trade/sell. All prices are negotiable, so send me a message if you’re interested. I’m also willing to send pictures to those who want it, though I’m new to the forums and not quite sure how to add pictures.

The yoyos I’m selling today are:

Caribou Lodge - Avalanche (Black, Fool’s Gold)
Dif-E-Yo - Tank
One Drop - Cafe Racer (Limited Purple with Green Splash)
Yoyo Jam - Dark Magic II (Clear Blue, Without Caps)
Yoyo Jam - Meteor (Blue, Without Caps)
Yoyo Factory - Too Hot (Blue w/ Black Speckle)
Yoyo Factory - Superstar Classic ('08 Model, Blank Label w/o Hubs)

Feel free to post any questions/concerns, and again, I’m not sure how to post pictures, so if you need them, hit me up.

Edit: Pictures of the yoyos

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