OD, YYF, C3, Cascade, Proton Lf: CANVAS********, Chik*****


I’m looking for a Canvas and a Chik. Don’t really care if it’s dinged or FG. Will go big, but reasonable, for one that I like such as trading several yoyos. Same goes for the Chik, but not as extreme. I’ll still trade well for them though. You can offer other throws, but I only have a really big Pack-a-Punched Ray Gun for the Canvas.

Colorways I’m fond of:                                      Colorways I’m not fond of:
MINTY MINT**************                            Dual Tones
Purple Teeth****                                              Golden Boy
Latitude 53

What I got:

Mint OD Clareview Station Cascade but has a small, blue ano flaw. A-grade.
YYF Proton, has some nicks from gravel, couple places where ano is rubbed off. Very smooth
YYF Severe, a few non-visible marks, removed caps, vibe
C3 Dark Sonic, has a lot of marks but don’t underestimate it
Some cash but don’t expect a big paycheck.

Pics: http://imgur.com/a/FJoQK#0

Like I said, take a pick of the yoyos you want and if it’s a good deal, I’ll take it.  :slight_smile:

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