FS/FT very rare Dual Tone Canvas, WHERE R U NICK JONG

im back yo

add $5 for shipping if you’re buying


clyw- older run chiefs, ac1, puffin *(fg accepted)
yyf- old usa genesis, 2013 superstar, new supernova, 7075 supernovas, metal severe, cool HOTs
c3- p. wave, krown
one drop- BENCHMARK H (no other benchmarks pl0x), chik, valor
tp- positron, basilisk light
audley- magnum

crucial - pulsefire
kash money

M very rare and very nice looking clyw canvas    offer

doesn’t get enough play cause i don’t want to mess it up

tester for solid colors and engravings on the canvas, has “tester” written on it by chris himself. half minty mint, half ghetto acid wash light purple. angry chinese people on the purple side, happy on the minty mint.

no stupid offers please




Saw his canvas. Amazing.