OD still rollin’ & intro (take both for $100 shipped)

Your boy needs to pick up some prescriptions and payday is too far away :sweat_smile:
Help a dude out, please?

I have some feedback Feedback for yodaddyo

Add $6 for shipping, CONUS, PayPal F&F

G2 mongoose(SOLD), green, good condition $70obo

OD still rollin, black w/clear ultralights
Good condition $57obo

OD intro, green, good condition $49obo

Take both one drops for $100 shipped

Can send more pictures on request

Feel free to offer if my prices are off. I just used my best guess



Great seller, someone snag these!


That goose will get everyone feeling loose.

Buy my homies stuff

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Yeah, I don’t really want to get rid of the goose. It slaps so hard. I figure I can find another one eventually.

I appreciate you homie!

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Bump. Can ship this afternoon if you purchase before 4:30 pm Central time

Mongoose sold. Grab both one drops for 100 shipped

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don’t be afraid to offer!

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