OD Project or MarkMont NEXT?

And so it hit me - I want a new yo-yo.
And for some reason OD Project (the first one) grabs my attention as well as MarkMont Next.
I can not decide, the reviews are full of too various opinions on both. That’s why I ask you for help.
Short comparations, your opinions, etc. - everything helps.

If I was you I’d get the project simply because of the fact that it was the first OneDrop design, but if you like nickel plated jos more than get the MarkMont next.

Your profile pic is scary.

… That’s Tombstones old profile… :open_mouth:

I have a project and I find it to be a little too light. But a good yoyo. Haven’t tried the mmn. You might also consider the y factor. I like it more than the project.

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Thanks for the advices.
What if I add P2 to the comparation? People say original Project might be a bit too light.

Had deja vu. Thought he was back till I saw the location and question.

The Project is great get it.