OD, CLYW, C3 Inside!


Hello everyone! I don’t throw as much as I used to and I am just looking to get these throws to places where they will be loved a little more often!
I have pictures of everything, I don’t want to host them but I can certainly email them to you upon request

OD Cascade YoYo Expert Edition (With Box): 70 Shipped + Paypal fee
Has very very minor scuffs, few minor dings.

CLYW Gnarwhal 2 Intergalactic Hulk Smash (With Box): 90 Shipped + Paypal fee
Absolutely Mint.

C3 Level 6 Green/Black Splash (No Box): 35 Shipped + Paypal fee
Few scratches/scuffs.

Let’s get these places where they will be loved!


You have any pics of that hulk smash





Bump pics posted


Bump, pics added

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