Are NSK bearing really worth the money to spend on it on not having to lube it or anything looking for a new bearing and NSK came across as one of the best looking for people opinion on them

You’ll have to properly maintain (clean) any bearing for it to work well. From what I’ve heard, NSK bearings are great, but if you think it will be a magic solution to your other bearings not working well, proper maintenance might be your problem.

You don’t have to lube any bearing

Sometimes they start to freeze up on you though. Lube, in my past experience, always seems to fix this and keeps the yoyo bearing spinning smoothly again.

NSK are the best bearing you can get. They’re legit “different” than any other bearing I’ve tried.

They will require maintenance. Their tolerances are so high (what an odd term… they tolerate nothing!) that they are more susceptible to debris getting in. You will have to clean them. Not that you even suggested this, but for OTHER people reading the thread-- they won’t improve your yoyo game. Sure they spin longer on a sleeper, but who cares.

But they are incredibly smooth, and you can feel the build quality from the first throw. That’s the sort of thing that is worthwhile to some people (like me for a FEW of my yoyos) and not at all to others. Your mileage may vary.