Maintenance free bearings?

I hate having to clean and lube my bearings :P, so what are some bearings that don’t need cleaning/lubing??

If I’m not mistaken, gold CTXs, NSKs, and NSK DSBs don’t need lube. Just be sure not to get any residue and dirt into the bearing. I’ve had an NSK in my Gradient for almost a year, and despite not lubing it, it is still dead quiet, long-spinning and smooth.

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I always just use either Trifecta, Grooved, Koncave, or CT’s and i just soak em in acetone, and run them dry and I never touch them again after the first soak.
I never need to.
Then again this coming from the person, who used a kitty string for 3 years without changing it xD

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thats the way to do it folks… ive done the same thing for awhile now… i never lube my bearings, i just buy new ones if my old ones go out.

No bearings we use ‘require’ maintenance…

I use my yoyo bearings as is… I don’t clean them, lube them, etc… they last years and years.

I’ve got bearings I’ve been using consistently since 1998, still run great.


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I know pretty much every guide says that when you clean your bearings you need to take off the shields and well that is mostly true in order to clean them there’s a reason bearings have shields.