Not sure if what I received is really Kitty string

I’d like to send a piece of the kitty string regular I purchased to someone to verify that it is in fact the same product. I suspect it’s not.

I’m going back to tried and true slick 6 after it’s gone, or purchase a small pack of kitty to compare.

BTW, it was not sold from YYE

Did you purchase it from a store or second hand from an individual? Did it come in Kitty String packaging?

What makes you think it’s fake?
Stranger things have happened, but if I decided to get into the business of knocking off yoyo string, I’d probably have my sights set on a more premium name.

2nd hand.

It doesn’t matter. Lesson learned, no more second hand string. The individual may not have been sure, and I’m not sure.

Kitty fat seemed better, this feels almost “oily” can’t really explain, but not a fan.
I’ll use it up.

It probably is kitty. If you have only used fat in the past normal has a completely different feel. Much more slippery feeling. I like kitty normal, i use it on my throws with smaller gaps.

No kitty string for me unless it’s made from actual kittens.


I would happily mail you a Kitty String to test. I have orange/green/red (normal). Send me a PM!

Also, this gives me a great idea for another thread if anyone wants to trade strings…,99687.0.html

This guy gets it. Only 100% grade A, farm raised, milk fed kittens.

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