Not in Love - 1A

Hey guys.  Love from the UK.

How you doin’?

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i love this video… :smiley: it gets my mind off of school when i watch good videos like yours

Nice tricks. I especially like the horizontal stuff.

Good filming, good editing. Freaking great yo-yoing with a unique, confident style. This is dope. Why haven’t I heard of you before?

Just love the whole video overall. Awesome to say the least and really like the horizontal stuff.

Quoting for mobile users!
Edit: well, that didn’t work on my iPad.  :-\

Cheers for the response guys.

Sorry that its not playing in most mobile devices. The song i used is a copyright infringement.

Wanted to say thanks to you all without burying other peoples great vids under this inevitable bump. But thats not really how forums work really…

Started working on lots of new tricks. Really getting into this whole video making thing.

Cheers again.

Lot’s of love!

Awesome video!

Awesome. My new fav vid. :wink: