northwest regoinals whos going?

hey whats up FORUMS!!!1 i was just curi0ons to ask yalls whos all here up in this post going to northwest regionals in seattle thatmaybe want to hang out?!

just saying but PNWR is till febuary next year but yea im going

i know but it will be my first yoyo event and im really really excited!

lol hope you have a blast we had atleast 72 people compete last year in 1a

so ive herd. is there like a youth open thing? or if i wanted to compete would i have to do the big real deal? i want to do 1a or 4a

yep the real deal haha not as scary as you think but really scary

Better start training some more then. I think I herd something about grant Johnson and Jensen being there

jensen probably wont but all the good guys will be there gentry, grant, bryan etc

Thats what I herd. It will be great actually seeing these people in person. Maybe get a couple of my throws signed!

hopefully you just need to hnag around the tables in the practice area