northstar help

oksy, what bearing does the norhtstar come with? im pretty sure its a center trac bearing, but im not sure :frowning:


thanks! also its not unscrewing, why?

Try harder

i tried as hard as i can

Instead of trying to unscrew, turn it like you would be screwing together. It will loosen up the axle. Helped me multiple times.

Put it in the freezer for an hour or so, then try it.

This didn’t work for me. Just sayin.
But in theory it shrinks the axle so the threads allow it to come undone.
I had to use channel locks and medical tape on mine.

just gave it to my dad and he got it… i feel so weak. thx

When my friend got one he ahd the same problem. It’s just you have to have the grip. It was kind of hard, so don’t feel bad. :wink: