"Northstar eats small children" = "Ghost"?

Hey guys. i just wanted to share something with you that i just noticed. I noticed that in the video “Northstar Eats Small Children.” is the same trick as “Ghost”. “Ghost” is just a bit faster…Shall we compare?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7dsFaL9zJw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJKZY-rB7RQ&feature=related

actually it isq uite different thereare a couple little slacks in there and other stuff

they are not exactally the same but they are pretty similar just a few different elements. but who really cares they are both cool videos.

I tend to throw some of my tricks more than once as well. Huh. Weird.

i think it was Jensen showing his progress he filmed the trick once when he could do it then agian when he had it perfected and done the way he wanted it done. that is why ghost is faster and smoother and has a proper ending.

I really don’t know why people think their different. Their the exact same combo. Seriously, watch it again.

^^ how bout you watch it again play by play then you will think different

They are the same combo except for the ending. in Northstar eats small children the ending stops before the slipknot in a mount and Jensen just lets its sit there and then goes to the slipknot. in Ghost he goes straight to the slipknot. this way it is smoother.

How about you take another look. Same thing, in what part is it different? Ghost is just sped up.

To be honest, everything is the same. Nothing is change. Its just sped up thats why we cant tell if its the same or not. But after watching it a couple of times, i can honestly say that there is no difference

My point. Jensen just smoothed it out in that combo, as well as made it faster. Other than that, their the same. If someone wants to argue with me, tell me the time of the part it’s different. Because from the way I see it, it’s the exact same combo.

What, is there a problem?

No, I guess I just got a little carried away with this combo thing.