new trix

hey i made a camera testing and i wanted to have opinions about some trix :

i did this video to test a camera and show to yoyo to somebody in a forum but if you could tell me your thoughts about thelitle slack at 48s ,the picture trick and the reverse follow it would be great !

(oh and the gyro is just to show off the yoyo lol)


Nice video, man! Was the Gyro yoyo the Noctu? Very good!

Great video, smooth tricks.

He has used just one yoyo and it was Noctu.

Very smooth and the tricks flowed together well… I really like the slack at 48-50, and all the other slacks as well,

Keep it up!

You have mad skills :slight_smile:

I really liked how smooth you are. ;D

go with the flow, wait, u did that :smiley: ;D :wink: :slight_smile: 8) ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol I was in a trance the whole time I watched it.

Super smooth!

thanks everybody kinda things that makes me happy!

thats was pretty sick man. you have a nice flow

Wow! That was awesome! Super smooth!! :slight_smile:

i liked the music!!!lol u were so freakin smoothe omg that was like the smothies at duncin donuts that the took off the menu even though they were freakin awesome

“smothies at duncin donuts that the took off the menu” lol don’t understand but it seems cool lol

thanks for the comments

and it’s cool that you all tell me i’m smooth because i really work hard to make my litles tricks smooth so they look like something interesting (but they arn’t that difficult lool)

ya duncan donuts had smoothies and they were really really good. and then they took them off for those iced coffee’s and then i was sad :(and mad >:( and they were really smooth

Your tricks are just awesome.

lol i am late but thanks !!
i’m working on better tricks now ! i’ll make a vid !

ijuggleyoyo : lool ok i’m so sad for you ! personally i’m so disapointed because since last year we have to pay extra barbecu sauce at fastfoods…i was fan of barbecu…

Does anybody know the name of the trick 31-34 because that trick had me mesmerized.
Great job man!

i LOVE BARBQUE TOO. and at target they dont charge or anything… target is like my favorite food place ;D

That was awesome! Smooth and smarmy. Loved it. I was really diggin the song too. Who was that? Bobby McFarren? (spelling?)

Ping pong. I’m not sure what he did to get into it, but it’s called ping pong and a very common way of doing it is the tower to ping pong.