Hello to everyone

As the yoyo scene in Mexico is growing we want to have the North American YoYo Championships arriving on April Friday 23, contest Saturday 24 and Sunday 25th in MEXICO CITY.

We are inviting players from Canada, US and of course Mexico, if some one else from another country wants to come will be welcome.

We are going to do it on our special contest venue ask Tyler Severance, Augie, Joseph Harris, Mickey, Jack Ringca, Hank Freeman,  Steve Brown … how cool it is

I want to organize something like the AP in ASIA so players from North America can be together and share their skills.

Accomodations, plane tickets and food will run by each player I will help to find the best options for you

I want to know what you think and who is coming!!!

I need judges who wants to come to Mexico

I need your point of view and sponsors

Plane tickets in that season can be around 300 or 400 US dls is almost to go to worlds, dont worry about the things you see on TV, that bad situation is not all around, Mexico is a big city with a lot of problems but where we meet is really nice and safe
For those who wants more information the website is up and running but I will update soon when I will know who is coming

I will apreciate if you tell me from where you want to come so we can arrange special flight rates if its posible and to arrange a free transportation from the airport to the hotel

Any questions feel free to ask

Help me to do this an extraordinary event!!

Sorry about my English!!!