No Jive Axle Maintenance


Just ordered a No Jive!! I’ve looked through old threads to find out as much info about using and maintaining this yoyo. I’ve never used wood before. I would like to know of any new ideas or suggestions for the wooden axle maintenance (have it last a long time). And has anyone ran 100% poly or nylon on this throw or other wooden ones.



Other than smoothing the axle a bit there’s not much to do. To smooth the axle use some regular cotton string, as used for packaging etc. Get a piece about 18 in. long, make a couple of snug wraps around the axle, leaving 7-8 in. on each end. Use the loose ends to pull the string back and forth a few times over the axle.

As for string, I think 100% poly or nylon is too slippery for decent response. I prefer 100% cotton, but pretty much use 50/50 poly/cotton slick 8 because it lasts longer while still giving good response. Some prefer #10 cotton.

(Spinworthy Glen) #3

Why smooth the axle? Are they really made too rough?


Thanks buddy I’ll try it out once I receive it!



Some are/were. Haven’t bought any recently. Just a habit I’ve developed. Do it on all my fixed axles.