Ninja Vanish.


What are some tricks that include a ninja vanish? Or, better said, how do you work in a ninja vanish into tricks fluidly? I can do it consistently, just the basic ninja vanish, but I want to incorparate it into some tricks…



ninjavanish to roll. then whatever.


eli-hop to ninja vanish is awesome

eli hop with the thumb (non throw hand) then ninja vanish as the yoyo comes down.

can’t do it, but a friend of mine can, looks great


Or do a follow come around hit the back of your hand grab the string and ninja vanish that is very hard i have got it twice.


finger grind to ninja vanish


recently I’ve found that suicides from ninja vanish are wayyyy easier then normal suicides, so…


Finger grind to ninja vanish, pop out of the gt and into another finger grind.