Ninja Hurdles Tutorial


Hey everyone! Here is a tutorial of my trick Ninja Hurdles. I hope all of you that asked for a tutorial find this acceptable! If there is any confusion on the trick or you have any questions feel free to post or PM me. Remember to watch in HD!



Okay, gotta learn this at a later date… It’s an awesome trick, but It’s really late right now. Yawn


Agreed. Yoyoing while tired ends badly for me.


Yea i need to post here so i can find this again.


Reminds me a bit of Grandma Kimmit’s Sandwich.
Awesome trick, I’m going to learn it for sure.


I WILL learn this tonight! :smiley:


Definitely going to learn this!


I can’t even get past the part after the first double or nothing. I suck.


That double or nothing hop concept thing took me a while to. Another video that may help is Jensen’s “Grandma Kimmitt Sandwich Tutorial”. That is where I first saw that concept!


I can do grandma kimmitt sandwich flawlessly. I’ll go back and see if I was missing something.


very nice trick i gotta learn it


On step 6 there is a mistake. It should say middle finger instead of index finger. At least I think it should. I half through learning the trick and I think it’s great!