Niner Fans

Hey all you 49er fans watching the SuperBowl, I’d love to hear from you all. What do you think of the game, who’s your favorite player and are you sad right now?

I, personally, am sad. My favorite is Kaepernick (I’m not a bandwagoner, he seems like a genuinely nice person, and he’s just really cool) in my opinion. Now it’s your turn.


I feel ya, bro.

Not exactly a fan, but I was sure they would win. Ray Lewis and his posse probably threatened to kill all the 49ers if they won :stuck_out_tongue:

and the best thing I’ve heard all night award goes to ^^^^^ this.

yeah and the Niners shut down the power cause they were getting clobbered.

I hate the hype around Kaepernick. and of course he choked in the end. kaepsanity is over hopefully.

But guess who came back from a 20+ point deficit?

yeah, after the power went out and everyone had time to calm down and rest. they got lucky the power went out. it would have been a blowout if it hadn’t. :wink: