Nickel plated code 2?

Hey YYE, I just had a quick question. I recently obtained a nickel plated one drop code 2 nautilus, and was wondering how much it was worth. I may or may not trade/sell it, but I just wanted to make sure. Seeing as I hadn’t really followed OD’s stuff very much until fairly recently, I don’t know how rare they are. Specifically I was hoping to get an arctic circle, but I don’t know. Any Ideas?

It should still be worth its asking price, seeing as OD still have some available on their site the last time I checked. I think d42kn55 had a AC for ttfe and was looking for a nickel code 2, but you probably have to add something extra.

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Theyre worth a but more then normal anodized code2’s. I would value it around $100-$110…kinda rare but more eye catching colorway then rare in most peoples eyes. Nickel just looks nice. You may be able to get a trade for an AC straight but may need to add a little

$120 more then likely. all the splashes are $115. Add 5.

retail, like 120. On the B/S/T, like 90 bucks maybe?

Less than retail of course. I’d give anywhere from $85-$95

They are still available on OD site for 110 brand new. If it has ANY nicks whatsoever, you’ll get no more than 85 to 90.

Defenitly not enough to trade straight across for an AC normally.