mint nickel plated CODE 1 WANT LIST UPDATED

okay so I have a mint condition nickel plated code 1 that I have been trying to part with.

i’ve grown so attached to it that it’s a shame to let go, but for the sake of moving forward, i’ll do it.

it’s purely mint, but it comes with ultra-lights instead of code 1 SE’s. David was so awesome, he gave me a pair of black anodized SE’s.
it’s $125 shipped

bandit(plus something)
ti walker
remnant 2(Pluse something)
crucial delrin(plus something)
54(with extra SE’s)
chico XL
chico flat top(plus something)
repeater punchline(plus a little bit extra)
mayhem(plus something)
offstring yoyo(with some metal)
2010 severe [CAPPED VERSION ONLY](plus a little bit extra)
supernova LITE(plus something)
a GOOD offer
3a sets (no FH0’s, fh2010’s, or any other duncan plastics)
any full/over sized yoyo that has a width of at least 40mm, and a weight of 64-59 grams
$125 shipped

currently have a few extra metals i would might throw in depending on the condition, and i would make your some of my own strings

What about a mint bronze w/blue splash gnarwhal?