New Yoyorecreation Typeface Series!


Two new releases from @yoyorecreation inspired by famous typefaces! Helvetica and Futura!


The Helvetica is a streamlined rounded v-shape design that draws inspiration from the balanced and curved style of its namesake font. The organic v-shape profile gives it a comfortable feel in the hand and a fast and bouncy feel on the string. It has a nice even weight distribution that creates a fantastic balance between spin power and maneuverability.


The Futura is a sharp and minimalist shape that draws inspiration from the geometric straight lines and curves of its namesake font. The stepped angular profile gives it a fast and competitive feel on the string while the smooth curved cup balances the weight distribution for a pleasant maneuverable play experience.


that’s actually under 100$ :open_mouth:


please make comic sans


Uh, trying to decide between a red Helvetica and a red Ashigaru, they both look like a typical rounded V so I’m trying hard to imagine a difference.


After studying the font styles and the yoyo shapes; I can’t see anything that would influence the shapes of the two yoyos.

Absolutely nothing.

The yoyos look Great. And if the quality is there and they both play as well as they look; the prices are excellent.

But; taking that type of influence to heart; I have a Great design idea for a new shape of pizza crust. I am making up an 8 sided pizza crust. Influenced, of course, by my respect and appreciation for the design of the standard Stop sign.


↑ ↑ they already did, it’s the Nine Dragons :fire: :hot_pepper:


What would the dv888 be then?


Papyrus maybe? Looks old timey!

The movie, from like 9 years ago? … and so now you’re worried about the sequels that are coming out?

They’re making more?

Yes, I think I … heard that.

So they changed the artwork… they fixed it?

Um… it looks… similar?

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻