New Yoyorecreation - SYFO, FUTURA, and HELVETICA!

Yoyorecreation presents their Second YoYo From Oregon - The SYFO!

Created with a focus of combining nostalgic feel with new trends, the SYFO is not your average YYR competition design. By exploring the beauty and potential of a single material, YYR arrived at a hybrid spec with a smaller diameter, a wider width, and a heavier weight. This combination, paired with a nice rounded profile, just screams casual play and comfort in all the right ways!

Releasing Wednesday, 5/4 @ 8PM EDT.




Is it just me or does the orange helvetica come off as more of a bright red?

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It’s a black Syfo!!! Oh my!!!


@YoYoExpertGarrett looks like the countdown is broken for SYFO

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Try a reload. :+1:

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Thank you! All good now