New form YYR - The SYFO!

Yoyorecreation presents their Second YoYo From Oregon - The SYFO!

Created with a focus of combining nostalgic feel with new trends, the SYFO is not your average YYR competition design. By exploring the beauty and potential of a single material, YYR arrived at a hybrid spec with a smaller diameter, a wider width, and a heavier weight. This combination, paired with a nice rounded profile, just screams casual play and comfort in all the right ways!

The SYFO brings the same high level of quality and performance you expect from YYR to a model designed for smooth flowing combos. It’s a welcome change of pace that fits nicely in the ever expanding Yoyorecreation lineup!


Does this ship from YYE in Massachusetts? First time I’ve seen this on checkout.


Also this is one chonky boi, 68.5g at 53mm diameter, 44mm width :flushed:

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Yeah, it’s definitely being shipped by us from Massachusetts! Do you have a VPN on or something like that maybe?


Nope, no VPN (and even then, the only one I use is located in my apartment in California lol). Probably just a weird error with Shopify; I am on a Chromebook that’s end of life and not receiving updates so that maybe could have something to do with it.

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