New YoYoFriends Release - The Raytracer! 2/9 @ 10AM EST


YoYoFriends created their latest inner-ring bi-metal model to bring you a modern design with incredible stability, power, speed and agility. They took input from all of their fans and players and after several prototypes the Raytracer was born!

The name Raytracer is based on a computer graphics rendering technique which simulates the physics of light to produce images with precision and accuracy. To make raytacing work, it takes an immense amount of speed and power. This name perfectly fits this yo-yo, stable and fast, landing tricks with both precision and accuracy. Fully utilizing the 7068 material and stainless steel rims, they were able to put weight exactly where it was needed the utmost precision to achieve the best possible performance.

Available with a smooth blast finish and a clean simple engraving, the Raytracer is a standout design that performs with the best!

(Yiyang Wang) #2

Thank you guys so much! Here is Throw’s N Brews reviewing it! I hope you guys enjoy this yoyo! This is also our 1st yoyo after a new direction led by the players.


im already widowmaker