New YoYo Design


So I’ve been in an engineering class and working with Inventor 2013 software and decided to make a few yoyo’s and my teacher has a 3D printer. Anyway Here’s a yoyo I came up with after playing with a crappy “looping” yoyo. I was able to do a couple tricks like double on nothing with the little gap. I was like sweet! But I wanted a litle more room to catch, but I think the small catching area is an awesome trainer. I know there is the popstar and others, but I wanted even less catch area, but with the stability of the bigger diameter.

What do you think?


Looks really cool man. I use my Mondial for practice.


How do you like the mondial?


can you guys see my attached pictures? I can only see them when I’m logged in… And this is my first post so I don’t really know how it works haha

(SR) #5

looks cool… actual pics